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Clinton Kane - Clinton Kane’s music sounds a lot like all of your synapses firing at full tilt. Glitchy beat-craft, electronic alchemy, alternative experimentation, and unassuming pop ecstasy map out circuitous soundscapes enlivened by fits of melody. Lyrically, he thinks aloud in his songs, wondering about life, love, death, and everything in between. He contains these thoughts in a stream of flickering vignettes—akin to grainy film fed through an old school projector. Clinton split his turbulent formative years between Perth, Australia and The UK, and he kept wandering as a teen. Backpacking around places like Santorini, he simultaneously dropped music independently and eventually caught the attention of Columbia Records. Various EPs and singles paved the way for his 2022 full-length debut album, MAYBE SOMEDAY IT’LL ALL BE OK. It notably boasted the RIAA Platinum-certified “I GUESS I’M IN LOVE” and Gold-certified “CHICKEN TENDIES” in addition to standout tracks “GO TO HELL” and “14.” Beyond praise from Billboard, coup de main, NME, and more, raved, “MAYBE SOMEDAY IT’LL ALL BE OK is a nine-song depiction of what makes Clinton Kane special.” Selling out shows on multiple continents in support of the album, he expanded his creative palette in the process. Now, the singer, guitarist, pianist, drummer, and producer opens up his head and his heart on his 2023 EP, AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE.

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