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Jocelyn Meza, PhD, is the principal investigator and director of the Health Equity and Access Research and Treatment (HEART) Lab.  She is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Professor in the Psychiatry Department at UCLA. Her research interests include studying socio-ecological risk and protective factors for suicide and self-harming behaviors among Black and Latinx adolescents and young adults. She aims to integrate psychological, cognitive, and sociocultural influences to predict suicide and self-harm behaviors and, importantly, to identify therapeutic targets for culturally responsive interventions for ethnoracially minoritized youth. In addition, Dr. Meza is expanding her research to developing and testing digital tools for suicide prevention for college students. For fun and to de-stress, Dr. Meza loves to go on hikes with her dog "Mezcal The Great Dane", painting outdoors with her daughter, and trying new foods from different cultures.

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