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Kathryn Schmid is an MBA student at Fordham University Gabelli School of Business.  She was raised in the Midwesta and moved to Los Angeles to begin a modeling career. It was at this point she developed a deeply rooted eating disorder, which she attempted to mask her bubbly personality and eagerness to make everyone around her laugh and smile. She then moved to New York City to get her degree in journalism and psychology, but continued to battle anorexia, in and out of hospitals and treatment centers all while trying to graduate.  She took many exams from the bed of her hospital room. During this time, she began to transition her social media presence from someone who seemed to live an idyllic coast to coast life surrounded by fashion, college friends, and a busy modeling career, to one of vulnerability and blatant honesty about her struggles. It was one of the best decisions she ever made. As she slowly healed herself from behind the screen, she began to foster a community of so many others struggling just like her, sharing resources, personal battles, helpful words, and sometimes just an ear to listen. Her social media presence became a massive advocate for mental health and eating disorder awareness, but she knew she could make a greater impact than within Instagram, even though it had become a great resource for many and for herself and entered the MBA program at Fordham. She hopes to work with nonprofits, companies, firms, schools, anyone and anywhere to emphasize and advocate for mental health awareness and pave ways for better resources and access to help.

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