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Congratulations to the UCLA
2021 Friends Scholar Grant Recipients!

We are proud to award Friends of Semel Scholar Grants to these outstanding early career investigators doing groundbreaking research to better understand the mind and brain and to develop new and innovative treatments for mental, developmental and neurological disorders. We invite you to visit The Friends  website, www.friendsofthesemelinstitute.org for more information about the background and research of these Scholars and The Friends Open Mind Community Lecture and Film Series. There you will also find the opportunity to support our programs so that we can continue to fund the work of these most promising researchers.

Enrico Castillo, MD, MSHPM
“Social Phobia at the Nexus of Inflammation-Induced Reward Dysregulation”

Erica Grodin, PhD 
“Elucidating the Effects of Acute Inflammation on the Neural Substrates of Alcohol Cue Reactivity”

Kunmi Sobowale, MD
“Mobile Device Assessment of the Effect of Maternal Perinatal Depressive Symptoms on Maternal-Child Interaction and Child Development”

Don Wei, PhD 
“Neural mechanisms of inter-brain synchronization in social interaction and social impairment” 

We are also proud to continue to support the work of our 2020 Friends of Semel Research Scholars.

Chloe Boyle, PhD 
“Social Phobia at the Nexus of Inflammation-Induced Reward Dysregulation”

Gil Hoftman, MD, PhD 
“Imaging transcriptomics: Markers of disrupted glutamate and GABA neurotransmission across phases of illness in early psychosis”

Marc J. Weintraub, PhD 
“Cognitive Neuroscience of Navigation and Episodic Memory in the Wild”