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SkyDxddy creates Music by survivors, for survivors.  Mixing cinematic beats, undeniably catchy melodies, and eloquent and revealing lyrics, singer and truth poet SkyDxddy exists within the conscious alt-pop realm – and she's pushing it even further as she pioneers traumacore, a new genre of her own making.  While her own personal and painful experiences inform her music, her exploding popularity makes it clear that her message resonates with anyone who has firsthand knowledge of life's darkest experiences. "My music tells my story, and should I decide to give details and get graphic about it, I will, and I do, and I have in the past," she says. "But I think, at this point, what I'm creating with traumacore is so much more than just my story."  This has become abundantly clear, in 2023 alone she embarked on her first headlining tour, signed an exclusive distribution deal with It Goes Up Entertainment—the bespoke distribution arm of Strange Music Inc./Compound Interest and will release her much-anticipated debut album in May of 2024 in tandem with Mental Health Awareness Month.

The first release from her new batch of songs is "7 Years," a haunting slow burner that finds her veering between pain-stricken vulnerability and snarling rage, perfectly encapsulating the full emotional spectrum that she so effortlessly displays across all of her work. Elsewhere, "Strings," is simultaneously gentle and intense as she berates someone who has betrayed her trust, with the song's sparse piano-only instrumentation allowing her gorgeous vocals and lyricism to shine. In addition, SkyDxddy singles out the song "Alter Ego" as being particularly representative of her musical style and message. "It's very much about understanding that you have gone through really dark things, and the side of you that suffers from depression and anxiety and PTSD and goes through all of that pain," she says, "and then it's almost like a switch turns on inside of you that tells you to get the fuck up in the morning and be the bad bitch that you are and not let these abusers take up vacancy in your head anymore because they've taken too much already. I think that song sums up traumacore in such a beautiful way."

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