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Ava Sassaman-Abrams

Ava Sassaman-Abrams is a 17 years old Senior at the Brentwood School and a Certified & licensed Be Body Positive facilitator. The Body Positive: acclaimed non-profit organization promoting healthy image, authenticity & thriving in one’s own body.

I am devoted to educating others about embodiment and helping them overcome disordered eating and its implications. Eating disorders are common in high school but rarely discussed even though they impact—mentally and physically—many in the community around us. After learning more about the topic, I became passionate about conducting stigma-defying lessons and programming to provide tools to those who struggle to find self-love and body positivity.

I joined the TAC because I am driven to make a change in the world of teenager's mental health advocacy. Communicating and raising awareness about mental health struggles will only make the world a happier and healthier place.

Ava Sassaman-Abrams

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