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Eli Stone (@ewistone) shares the most vulnerable parts of his life with his 1.1 Million followers. Graduating from high school and college at the age of 18, Eli started his entrepreneurial journey in marketing. He founded several agencies and consultancies that had clients such as Adobe, The Myers Briggs Company, and Starbucks among others. Realizing that his heart was in personal storytelling - he exited his startups and began creating his own content.  Since then, he has partnered up with the United Nations, Apple, and Sony among others for his unique ability to weave stories into his branded content. He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Business Insider for both his business work and strategy, as well as his short artistic films. He recently exited his startup Creator Camp which has hosted some of the most relevant creators of our time in addition to being sponsored by creators' favorite brands such as We're Not Really Strangers, Shopify, Polaroid, The North Face, and Rode Microphones.

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