#WOW the Wonder of Women Summit 2019

UCLA alumna and singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles blew the roof off a packed ballroom with her powerful performance of her anthem, “Brave,” setting the tone for a day of self-discovery and conversation about mental health at the Wonder of Women Summit on April 11.

Johnese Spisso, president of UCLA Health, welcomed 500 attendees to the star-studded occasion, which melded the cream of Hollywood celebrities with UCLA trailblazers in fields ranging from medicine to athletics.


​Emceed by actress Lisa Kudrow, the event was hosted by UCLA’s Friends of the Semel Institute and Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital Board of Advisors at the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center.

By Elaine Schmidt

U.C.L.A. Senior Media Relations officer

Geffen Academy girls with their teacher and Julianne Hough

Nancy Glaser, Vicky Goodman, Maria Shriver, Terry Hyman Hammermesh, Laurie Gordon, Cece Feiler

Deborah Davidson, Sandra Walder, Jodie Schroeder

Michelle Ruiz, Dr. Ming Guo, Dr. Linda Liao

Diana Winston

Dancing led by Julianne Hough

Dr. Zhaoping  Li

Betty Wise, Judy Cusack, Yolanda Poullard

Andrea and Peter Roth, Vicky Goodman

Coach Val and Katelyn Ohashi

Lisa Kudrow, Sara Barielles, Peter Roth

Dr. Tara Peris

Dr. Nancy Glaser, Terry Hyman Hamermesh,

Lisa Sigell, Vicky Goodman

Young women from the Geffen academy meet Julianne Hough

Sara Barielles sings Brave

Andrea Roth, Vicky Goodman, Terry Hyman Hamermesh, Laurie Gordon, Wendy Kelman

Coach Val and Katelyn Ohashi

Barbara and Lynn Bergman

Poppy Jamie, Terry Hyman Hammermesh, Cece Feiler

Laurie Gordon, Nancy Glaser, Lisa Kudrow, Vicky Goodman

Beverlye Hyman, Terry Hyman Hammermesh,

Tess Hammermesh

Susan Solomon, Laurie Gordon, Dr. Peter Whybrow

Phyllis Easton, Laurie Gordon and Pamela Buffett

Christina Schwarzenegger and  Laurie Gordon

Johnese Spisso, CEO UCLA Health

Dr. Nina Shapiro

Dr. Kelsey Martin, Terry Hyman Hamermesh, Laurie Gordon, Dr. Nancy Glaser, Dr. Tom Strouse

Joni Steier, Alisa Lippman, Susan Lerner, Alison Greenberg

Madeline Rae, Friend, Deborah Higgs,  Jenna Grosfeld, Sandy Taylor

Carol Stein and Brenda Fritz

Lisa Kudrow

Andrea Roth, Lisa Kudrow, Johnese Spisso, Sara Barielles, Cece Feiler, Laurie Gordon, Wendy Kelman, Vicky Goodman 

Frankie Sholem, Cece Feiler, Heidi Haddad

Babs Sobel, Laura Maslon, Barbara Herman

Michelle Ruiz

Vicky Goodman, Dr. Kelsey Martin, Laurie Gordon, Deborah Davidson

Dr. Kelsey Martin

Dr. Jo Sornborger

Maria Shriver and Dr. Kelsey Martin

Lisa Kudrow and Sara Barielles

Julia Gouw, Livi Zheng, Jiah Kim

Geri Lieberman, Vicky Goodman, Judy Wolfe

Dr. Gail Wyatt

Laurie Burroughs Grad

Dr. Tara Peris

Ambassador Nancy Rubin, Dr. Kelsey Martin 

Dana Katz

Julianne Hough and Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Drs. Robin Berman and Catherine Birndorf

Dr. Zhaoping Li

Dr. Nina Shapiro

Lucia Rosenbloom, Nora Wendel, Robin Ungar, Cara Davidoff, Bonnie Davidoff, Suzanne Zachary, Andrea Roth, Katie Couturier, Barb Canter, Joan Saffa and Carla Malden


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