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Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405

May 14, 2018

Frank Stiefel’s Academy Award winning short subject documentary film, Heaven Is a Traffic Jam On the 405, takes its title from its protagonist’s unusual description of bliss. The 57-year-old artist Mindy Alper perceives her environment differently than those around her, channeling all manner of anxiety, depression and trauma into vivid, intensely human sketch drawings and large-scale papier-mâché sculptures. Ms. Alper is an artist who won’t let her disability slow her down. Stiefel’s film is an intimate portrait of a complicated individual, attuned to the ways that art-making can assist the sometimes painful process of self-scrutiny and emotional revelation. Heaven Is a Traffic Jam On the 405 was created from more than 20 hours of interviews between Frank Stiefel and Mindy Alper.

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