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WOW History

#WOW 2019 Wonder of Women Summit, was also an all-day event at UCLA’s Luskin Center hosted by actress Lisa Kudrow.  #WOW2019 welcomed speakers such as, Dr. Ming Gao, Dr. Linda Liao, Julianne Hough, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Coach Val Kondo Fields, Operation Mend warriors and featured a performance by Sara Bareilles. Funds raised supported The Friends of Semel Scholar Grants, the Resnick Innovation Scholar Awards, and introduced the Women's Alzheimer's Movement Research Initiative at UCLA with Maria Shriver. 


Due to the pandemic, the next WOW was held in 2021 and rebranded with the catch line” Whole Health Includes Mental Health”. #WOW2021 honored Friends of Semel founder, Vicky Goodman, and Resnick Board of Advisors Founder, Dr. Nancy Glaser. #WOW2021, once again hosted by Lisa Kudrow, included speakers such as Landon Donovan, People Magazine editor Dan Wakeford, Dr. Robin Berman, Mindy Kaling and Dolly Parton.  

The first #WOW event took place in 2018 as an all-day summit at UCLA’s Luskin Conference Center. #WOW2018 - The Wonder of Women Summit— was conceived by women, for women, about women with the aim to raise awareness and reduce stigma associated with mental illness and inspire the next generation of women leaders.  

#WOW2018 was hosted by actress Lisa Kudrow and featured speakers including:  Malika Chopra, Goldie Hawn, Candace Bergen, Dr. Gail Wyatt, Dr. Robin Berman, Tipper Gore, Dr. Karol Watson, Dr. Kelsey Martin, Ambassador Nancy Rubin, and many more. Funds raised from #WOW supported the UCLA Friends of the Semel Institute Research Scholars and UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital Board of Advisors Clinical Innovation Grants. 

WOW 2023
Oprah Winfrey

WOW2023 The Mental Health Summit, sponsored by UCLA's Friends of the Semel Institute and Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital Board of Advisors, will be held on May 4, 2023 at the iconic Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. This highly anticipated event, hosted by beloved actress and Resnick Hospital Board member Lisa Kudrow, will feature very special guest Oprah Winfrey in inspirational conversations with thought leaders at the intersection of science, health, and culture. WOW2023 will honor Andrea and Peter Roth.  

WOW has sold out every year since it first began in 2018. Due to the pandemic, WOW2021 was produced as a virtual event that was viewed worldwide, including in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. Designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit, while supporting mental health research, education, and patient care programs at UCLA, WOW has been an overwhelming success. 

Oprah Winfrey

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