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Theodore M. Hutman, PhD

Theodore M. Hutman, PhD

2010 The Friends of the Semel Institute Fellow

Dr. Hutman received his doctorate in developmental psychology from UCLA in 2007. He received a B.A. and an M.A. in Modern Thought & Literature from Stanford University. His post-doctoral training at the Semel Institute focuses on autism, social emotional and social cognitive development. He is currently overseeing the longitudinal study of infant siblings of children with autism, a primary project of the NIH/NICHD-funded Autism Center of Excellence at the UCLA Center for Autism Research & Treatment. A research fellowship from the Friends of the Semel Institute will support his efforts to integrate behavioral, eye-tracking, and electrophysiological methodologies to characterize autism during infancy and, thereby, to improve efforts to screen infants for autism.

This Fellowship is in memory of Committee member Carole Slavin.

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